1st Look at ‘X-Men Blue No. 1’

"X-Men Blue No. 1" sees the return of five of the X-Men's original heroes.


The reunion of the original X-Men begins with issue No. 1 of X-Men Blue. Jean Grey takes over as leader of the X-Men, as Cyclops, Beast, Iceman and Angel all join her for their latest mission. While facing a world that both hates and fears them, these classic, original heroes look to emulate their Professor X’s dream.

Writer Cullen Bunn leads the way with artists Jorge Molina and Matteo Buffagni. Included in X-Men Blue No. 1 will be a “special back-up tale” by Bunn and Buffagni that sees the return of a “fan-favorite” character.

“Without these original five, there would be no X-Men,” senior editor Mark Paniccia said. “The adventures Cullen Bunn and company have in store for them will excite fans of any X-Men team, touching on familiar themes and fresh twists on classic villains.”

X-Men Blue No. 1 hits stores on April 12.