Blizzard Hosting Free Weekend of ‘Overwatch’


The team-based shooter Overwatch is opening its doors for everyone to try on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC from Nov. 18-21.

During this free weekend, players will get the chance to try nearly every aspect of Blizzard’s 2016 release. They’ll have access to all 22 heroes and 13 maps with the options to jump into quick play, custom games and the weekly brawl.

Since all game modes are map-specific, that means all four game modes will also be available.

The only locked game mode is competitive play, a tier-based mode that pits players in similar rankings against each other to rise and fall.

Any progress and unlocks made during the three-day period will be retained, should any player decide to buy a full copy afterward. A PlayStation Plus membership, Xbox Live Gold membership or a account is required to play the 12 GB download.

This announcement comes off of the heels of BlizzCon, Blizzard’s annual convention for all things Blizzard. At the Anaheim, Calif.-based convention, the developers announced the new hero Sombra.

The offensive hero is a purple-clad hacker who looks like she was pulled straight out of Saints Row: The Third. Her abilities include hacking enemies, camouflage, a teleportation device and a devastating EMP blast.

She has not yet been released into the full game and won’t be in time for the free weekend; however, she is playable on the public test server for anyone whose curiosity can’t keep them back.

The free trial starts at 2 pm EST on Nov. 18. For details on the free weekend, click here.