Orisa, New ‘Overwatch’ Tank Hero, Assembles for Action

Orisa is "Overwatch's" sixth tank hero.


Overwatch has officially unveiled its newest hero.

Orisa is a robot developed by genius inventor and 11-year-old Efi Odelade. Orisa is constructed from the parts of decommissioned robots that were destroyed by the presumed 24th hero, Doomfist.

After a series of cryptic social-media messages about Odelade and an attack at the Numbani airport, it was unclear what Blizzard was preparing to unveil. The attack was widely recognized as being perpetrated by Doomfist, but Odelade’s connection had yet to be determined. Further evidence supporting the Doomfist theory came when attentive gamers noticed Doomfist’s gauntlet had been removed from the payload on the Numbani map, apparently by force.

Orisa serves as the sixth tank class character in Overwatch, and her abilities allow her to function as one of the more versatile members of her class. She has the Fortify ability, which temporarily reduces all damage she takes and makes her immune to “action-impairing effects” (e.g., Sombra’s “Hack” ability). Orisa can also deploy a stationary barrier to block enemy attacks and defend her team.

Offensively, she has access to two different types of ammunition. Her basic attack fires medium- to long-range projectiles that deal middling damage, while her secondary ammunition fires a graviton charge that slows and pulls enemies. For her ultimate ability, Orisa can place a Supercharger that increases damage output by all nearby allies.

Orisa is available to play now on the public-test realm on PC. An official release date for Orisa to the full game has not been released.