TRAILER: Leaked ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ Trailer Showcases Yoda, Darth Maul, Kylo Ren, Rey

A leaked "Star Wars Battlefront II" shows Darth Maul charging Yoda.


Star Wars Battlefront was revealed with much hype. Unfortunately, the final product left many fans noticeably distressed with both the lack of depth and a true single-player story mode.

In Star Wars Battlefront II‘s first trailer, which was leaked on Wednesday, it appears EA is at least attempting to address this issue.

Throughout this initial trailer, a female narrator can be heard recalling her final orders as she watches the Death Star explode in what is set in presumed to be Return of the Jedi.

“I still remember my last orders,” the narrator said. “The day the real war began. Avenge our emperor.”

Not only is the sequel touting a new single-player mode, as prefaced by the trailer’s first title slide reading, “The untold soldier’s story,” it also boasts multiplayer modes allowing players to battle across multiple Star Wars eras.

At one point, Darth Maul, the double-bladed lightsaber-wielding antagonist from The Phantom Menace, can be seen charging Yoda. Kylo Ren and Rey also make an appearance.

The trailer leaves fans with one last memento: “Pre-order to get Star Wars: The Last Jedi heroes.” No release date has been announced yet.