TEASER: 1st Teaser for Power Rangers Movie Released


After being posted on Facebook Saturday morning, pulled down and posted back online again shortly after, the first teaser trailer for the reboot Power Rangers movie is here.

It’s a dark, moody-looking teaser that shows the origin of the team. There’s a few quips here and there, but it seems like it’ll be a far cry from the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers of the ’90s.

Unlike so many trailers from the science-fiction and superhero genres, this one places a lot of focus on the rangers discovering strange space tech and coping with newfound powers rather than giant explosions and world-ending catastrophes. Hopefully that also means there’ll be no giant sky beam.

It definitely appears like a trailer not for long-time fans but for the rest of us. There’s no sight of the Power Rangers’ suits, besides the briefest of glimpses at the end. We also only get a momentary look at Elizabeth Banks as evil, space witch Rita Repulsa. By and large, though, there’s really no iconic Rangers anything.

But this is a teaser trailer after all. Those tend not to give out much conflict, story or, in this case, fun. But it does look to be a grounded action movie that the world needs more of.

Power Rangers is out in theaters March 24, 2017. The film stars Bryan Cranston, Banks and Bill Hader, as well as five relative newcomers.