TRAILER: ‘Black Mirror’ Season 3 Trailer Released


The mind-bending anthology series, Black Mirror, is on its way back for a new season.

Netflix released a teaser for the new season on Friday, showcasing clips from each of the six new stories.

The teaser features Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World), Michael Kelly (House of Cards) and Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones).

Black Mirror is an anthology series similar to The Twilight Zone in which each episode is completely different from the previous one in terms of story and characters.

However, the episodes, like the show in general, all carry an overarching theme, focusing on the gradual encroachment of technology into our daily lives.

Black Mirror’s first season originally debuted on Channel 4 in the UK back in 2011, with Netflix taking over its international broadcasting. The upcoming, six-episode season, set to release on Oct. 21, will be the first that Netflix will premier worldwide, having beaten Channel 4 out for broadcasting rights.

The series has garnered high praise and the attention of such notable talents as Robert Downey Jr. and Stephen King.

The show will have another six-episode season releasing on Netflix sometime next year.