TRAILER: Peter Parker Loses Suit in Newest ‘Homecoming’ Trailer

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" is set for a July 7 release date.


It’s not every day that a teenager gets bitten by a radioactive spider and is then granted super reflexes and super strength and then given a very expensive suit from one of the richest, most influential people in the world.

So, when that happens, it can be expected that said teenager might run into some issues with the suit.

In the second and latest Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) takes back the suit he gifted to Peter Parker (Tom Holland). Stark believes Parker is being too ambitious with trying to join the Avengers. So, when Stark himself has to help Parker save (literally) a boat-load of civilians after Parker put them at risk, Stark takes his Spidey’s suit away.

He even goes so far as to ask, “Can’t you just be a friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man?” at the 15-second point.

Spider-Man: Homecoming also stars Michael Keaton as the antagonist, the Vulture. The new stand-alone Spider-Man movie hits theaters on July 7, 2017.