‘Destiny’ with the Sickness



Destiny is undergoing a seemingly infectious plague, and it has the community frantic for answers.

Players logging in Thursday found themselves infected with various viruses that grant boosted experience and reputation with the game’s faction heads.

At almost the same time as the emergence of these viruses, a page was added to the official Bungie site that seems to detail an operation by the name of OWL Sector tracking the spread of these viruses.

Each virus is listed at the bottom of a large map of the Earth with an ominous count of the hours since the initial infection was first scanned listed across the top.

There are also transcripts linked to each virus located on a connected page that describe the various reactions of both the OWL Sector and the Vanguard (the player’s in-game mentors) to the emergence of this virus.

While this is all that has been revealed in connection to the viruses, another page was discovered by players in the forums with a cryptic message that seems to hint at a potential hive-mind needed in order to perceive some incoming signal. It mentions that careful timing will be needed and that the window of opportunity to encounter this phenomenon will be small.

This seems to hint at a potential future mission, one that will seemingly only be available to players for a limited time, similar to the game’s holiday events and the Sparrow Racing League.

Regardless, it’s important noting that the forthcoming Destiny expansion, Destiny: Rise of Iron, has a techno virus dubbed SIVA at the core of its story. Is this perhaps a lead into the events of Rise of Iron? Or maybe it’s a teaser for something bigger in the future? We’ll find out when Destiny’s latest expansion releases Tuesday, Sept. 20.

(Featured photo courtesy of Activision)