‘Super Mario Run’ to Be Released on Apple App Store


For a perfect blend of retro and modern, look no further than the Apple App Store this holiday season. Count on hearing that in the coming months (probably not) for Nintendo’s new app, Super Mario Run.

At Apple’s annual iPhone event on Wednesday, Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto announced his team’s latest project, adding a whole new mobile dimension to classic Super Mario games.

According to a report by ComicBook.com’s James Viscardi, “‘Super Mario Run’ features Mario running automatically to the right, avoiding enemies… Using one finger on the touch screen, you can make Mario jump. [T]he longer you tap, the longer he jumps.”

In addition to a single-player mode, the app’s “Battle Mode” allows you to compete against a friend. The objective of this mode is to best your friend by collecting as many coins as possible. Per Viscardi, “Toads you collect throughout the level will go to reside in your very own Mushroom Kingdom. You can renovate your own Mushroom Kingdom using coins collected in Battle Mode.”

Moreover, the app will not be a free one. There will be a one-time set price. The app will be available for both iPhones and iPads.

Begin the chants: “More Mario! More Mario! More Mario!”