1st Look at ‘Black Panther & the Crew No. 1’

New York City has a new group of heroes ready to defend it.


A host of some of Marvel Comics’ most famous black superheroes band together in a new series called Black Panther & the Crew. Set in New York City, the Black Panther-led group will take on some of the Big Apple’s biggest criminals. Luckily for the Black Panther, he’ll have some good help. The Wakanda native is joined by the weather-changing mutant Storm, the virtually invulnerable Luke Cage, the keen-eyed detective Misty Knight and the teleporting Manifold.

Black Panther & the Crew brings together writers Ta-Nehisi Coates and Yona Harvey with artist Butch Guice. Issue No. 1 will hit stores on April 12.