Amazon, ‘The Boondocks’ Creator Aaron McGruder Working on New Show


The Boondocks aired its last episode in 2014. Now, creator Aaron McGruder is gearing up for another series.

According to a report by’s Nellie Andreeva (h/t, McGruder is pairing up with Amazon for a new alternate-series TV series. The series is supposed to be akin to Amazon’s other series set in an alternate universe, The Man in the High Castle.

McGruder is no stranger to alternate universes. The 42-year-old won a Peabody award for The Boondocks episode Return of the King. Therein, Martin Luther King Jr. awakes from a coma during President George W. Bush’s administration after surviving his assassination attempt.

In addition to McGruder, Will Packer and Norman Aladjem will help produce the untitled, alternate-universe series. As a producer, Packer has worked on eight No. 1 moves in the box office. Some of his more popular titles include Ride AlongThink Like a Man and their respective sequels.

Black Jesus, McGruder’s currently airing show, last aired an episode in late 2015. It has not yet been cancelled.

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