TRAILER: 2nd ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Trailer Highlights Plot Details


“We work in the dark to serve the light.”

That quote alone was probably enough to get fans of the beloved video-game franchise excited for the movie’s mid-December release. The second trailer gives a little more detail to the plot, something fans weren’t necessarily privy to when the first trailer was released in May.

Relative to the first trailer, the second one shows significantly more footage of protagonist Callum Lynch (played by Michael Fassbender) in his daily life directly before he’s put into the Animus. First, he’s captured and presumably “executed.” Then Lynch finds himself in a prison-like afterlife.

That’s when the notable quotes start rolling in.

Upon waking up, Lynch is greeted by Dr. Sophia Rikkin (played by Marion Cotillard) who says, “Cal, as anyone knows or cares, you no longer exist.”

Then, at one point, Moussa (played by Michael Kenneth Williams) ominously says to Lynch while they appear to be eating, “We’re watching you, waiting to see who you are.”

Moussa’s quote indicates there might be some sort of necessity to prove himself. It’s already known from the first trailer that Lynch is the descendant of an assassin named Aguilar. Perhaps Lynch’s peers don’t believe he is who the management thinks he is.

And while this new trailer also reused some action footage from the first trailer, it also presented a lot of new clips, as well. Whereas most of the action in the first trailer took place in the city and on its buildings’ rooftops, there were bits of scenes shown that had the assassins traversing through roads on a carriage before it ultimately rolled off a cliff.

The video-game series’ success is undeniable, as apparent by its 20 games spread across consoles, handhelds and phones. Despite those successes of those characters and their respective stories, the movie will introduce new characters and a new storyline.

Fassbender is an Oscar-nominated actor, having been nominated for two best-actor awards for his performance in leading role in Steve Jobs and his performance in a supporting role in 12 Years a Slave. Unfortunately, movie adaptations of video games usually don’t do very well, but here’s hoping that Fassbender is a sign of good tidings for this beloved franchise and highly anticipated film.

Assassin’s Creed, directed by Justin Kurzel, is slated to release Dec. 21, 2016.