‘Iron Fist’ Gets a Premiere Date


Never fear, true believers. Marvel and Netflix won’t leave you hanging.

Just days after their latest series, Luke Cage, released its 13-episode first season, the Netflix US twitter account surprised fans with a teaser for Marvel’s Iron Fist, revealing the series release date as March 17, 2017.

In it, we see smoke rise from an oriental lamp and twist into the iconic Iron Fist dragon symbol before the date slowly fades in.

A gong echoes loudly as it is accompanied by thematic music that brings Tibetan mountains and hidden temples to mind.

Iron Fist is one of Marvel’s lesser-known properties, a character often relegated to the backup squad in comic events.

For a little history, Iron Fist is actually not the character’s name but rather a title bestowed on those who master the martial-arts technique of the same name.

Marvel’s hero and the focus of the forthcoming series is a young man by the name of Danny Rand (played by Finn Jones), who loses his parents in a mountain climbing accident and is taken in by the monks of a hidden, mystical city known as K’un Lun.

It remains to be seen whether or not the Netflix series will follow with this origin story.

Marvel’s Iron Fist will premiere on Netflix on March 17, 2017, and Iron Fist will return later next year to star alongside his fellow Marvel Netflix heroes in The Defenders.