Disney Names Jon Favreau Director for ‘Lion King’ Reboot


Disney fans across the world are rejoicing as they break out their VHS players (or for those us who are super fans, our Special Premium Platinum Mega Blu-ray Editions) of our favorite African-themed classic, The Lion King.

According to a report by MoviePilot.com’s Jancy Richardson, Jon Favreau has been officially tapped to direct a CGI reboot of the Disney classic (insert expression of fanboy excitement here).

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The Jungle Book reboot, one of the best family films of 2016, seemingly proved to Disney that Favreau was the right choice for the job. If you saw The Jungle Book, you know that it was not exactly like the animated classic. What it is, however, is a brilliant reimagining of the story, which is why it went on to make close to $970 million in box offices worldwide.

The Lion King is an obvious choice for Disney to reboot, due to its success, iconic story and fan base around the world. With Favreau directing, and if The Jungle Book is any indication, we have many excellent Disney reboots to come.

No dates have been announced for Simba and the gang’s return to theaters, however, it’s likely that it will be several months before we really see any major updates on the project.