Notes & Quotes: Orlando City SC (2/3)


Quotes from Jonathan Spector via Orlando City SC Communications.

Feb. 3, 2017 at Jacksonville, Fla.

DF Jonathan Spector

DF Jonathan Spector

Spector last played with Birmingham City FC in the English Football League Championship.

It’s been really good so far. I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve kinda been thrown in. Obviously, I’ve come from a full season being fully fit. But the guys are in the middle of their preseason. So it’s a little bit different and unusual for me, but everyone seems to be working really hard, and I’m happy about it because it seems like there’s a lot of ambition, which I think is important. There’s a great fanbase. And I think we’re all looking forward to the upcoming season.

When asked about his conversations with Orlando City SC head coach Jason Kreis, Spector said signing was about the ambition of the players and the passion of the fans.

He spoke about, you know, what the club wants to achieve. Kinda the excitement surrounding the club. And I really liked everything that he had to say about the way he wants his team set up to play, and, you know, he kinda expressed the importance of what it means to the city of Orlando, having this team and wanting to do well. And that meant a lot to me. Coming from England where soccer’s almost a religion there—so for me to leave there to come here, which is home—but at the same time, I really wanted that feeling of it mean something—not just to the players but to the people of Orlando as well.

Spector has always wanted to play in Major League Soccer.

The opportunity to come here, play in the MLS is something I’ve always wanted. I’ve maintained that, I’ve said that in numerous, previous interviews. So this opportunity just seemed right. The staff here seemed really good. Everything Jason told me about the club, the ownership—it just felt right and felt like the right time. So I had to jump at the opportunity.

It was amazing to follow the league and see the improvement of it in such a short team. How quickly it’s grown, the excitement from the fans, the number of fans that they’re getting at the stadium in the U.S. is incredible. So just the growth of the sport is something to be excited about, I think. It’s a game I love. And if I have some part to play in that growth of the sport and also in the league, then I’d be really happy about that.

When asked about what he can bring to the table with all his experience, Spector said communication was the main skill he could teach and help improve.

With that experience, I think, certainly communication is a big thing. If I can help my teammates around me to improve individually and collectively as a group, I think, hopefully, that’s something I’ll be able to bring to the group. Obviously there’s some other very experienced players here as well, and I’m sure they’ve been doing the same and looking to do the same as me.

For Spector, there are no personal goals—only team ones.

I don’t really have any personal goals. They’re more team-based, team-oriented. I know a big one is gonna be making the playoffs. And then from there, anything can happen. But, certainly, our main ambition, as a group, has to be to make the playoffs, which the club hasn’t done yet, and I think that’d be a great target for us.