‘Samurai Jack’ Premiere Date Announced



Just about everybody except for Aku is ready for the return of Samurai Jack. Fortunately for fans, Adult Swim announced the show’s return during a 15-second question-and-answer bit with fans via Twitter. Samurai Jack will begin its new 10-episode season beginning on March 11 at 11:30 p.m.

From 2001 to 2004, the original Samurai Jack was on the air for four seasons. The show was centered around Jack, a samurai from the past who is thrust thousands of years into the future where the antagonist Aku’s evil is law. Calling himself Jack, he sets out on a quest to defeat his enemies and return to his time so that he can stop the future he lived from happening.

Phil LaMarr will reprise his role as the time-traveling, demon-battling protagonist, according to a report by ComicBook.com’s Megan Peters.

For old time’s sake, here’s the original introduction.


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