‘[Seven] To Eternity’ and Beyond



When a new comic breaks onto the scene, it usually doesn’t conduct much fanfare.

Let’s be honest, new comics are published each week, and, for the most part, they are overlooked for something a little more comfortable.

Enter Rick Remender, writer of such notable comics as Deadly Class, Fear Agent, Black Science and Tokyo Ghost.

It’s to Remender’s credit that three of the books mentioned above are still in print and are currently running books. His books are highly praised, while his numbers speak for themselves.

But his latest release, Seven to Eternity, is garnering some significant advance praise.

In a dystopian, fantasy western where magic reigns, albeit with some unique rules, Seven to Eternity was revealed earlier this year and had generated a devoted following prior to its release on Sept. 21.

The book also marks another landmark collaboration between Remender and artist Jerome Opena, known for his work with Remender on Marvel’s Uncanny X-force.

The first issue proves this series is to be the next wonder of world-building and personal characterizations to come out of Remender’s stint of creator-owned work over at Image Comics.

Opening with a prose journal entry from the main character (make sure you read the whole thing), the story kicks into high gear, as the action and drama of this new story quickly unfold before your eyes.

The story is clearly large, one Remender has plotted out pretty far in advance, according to an interview with IGN.

And as of Wednesday, the initial order of the first issue has officially sold out, even, according to a tweet from Remender himself, with an increased order.

With the creative talent and the full support of the publisher involved in Seven to Eternity, we might just have new classic in the making.