Rapper Iron, best known for his appearance as a contestant on popular South Korean TV rap-competition show Show Me the Money 3, has been booked for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. The rapper reportedly assaulted his girlfriend multiple times, resulting in fractures and other injuries, with at least one incident of violence occurring during sex.

According to a report by HelloKpop’s Jaxon Davis, the assault occurred because Iron’s girlfriend was not listening to him and because she attempted to break up with him. The rapper is reportedly stabbed himself in the thigh as a threat against his girlfriend who intended to call the police. Iron reportedly threatened to say that he would tell the police that it was his girlfriend who stabbed him.

Iron said his girlfriend wanted to be hurt. According to a report by Soompi.com’s R. Choi, the rapper claimed his girlfriend was a masochist who enjoyed sexual sadomasochism. Iron claimed that his girlfriend asked for violence on his part for satisfaction and that the incident that occurred was not an assault. Turning the tables, the rapper claimed what occurred was an act of self-defense on his part against his girlfriend’s violence.

The rapper has previously had a brush in with law when he was arrested for possession of marijuana last year.