1st Look at ‘X-Men Prime No. 1’

"X-Men Prime" No. 1 is the definitive preview for all upcoming X-Men storylines.


March will be a month to remember for X-Men fans. First, Logan, starring Hugh Jackman in his final stint as Wolverine, hits theaters on March 3. Later on in March, fans will get more X-Men action in Marvel’s “oversized one-shot,” X-Men Prime No. 1.

This one-shot takes place after the Inhumans vs. X-Men event and features a host of X-Men collaborators. Marc Guggenheim and Ken Lashley will focus on Professor X’s storyline, giving insight into X-Men Gold. As for scribe Cullen Bunn and artist Leonard Kirk, they will focus on X-Men Blue, as the team enters the Danger Room. Kitty Pryde returns in a new role, preparing herself to lead the X-Men for the first time. Lastly, Greg Pak and Ibraim Roberson will focus on the re-opening of the Weapon X program.

Consider X-Men Prime No. 1 a preview for all of the new X-Men storylines to come. X-Men Prime No. 1 hits stores on March 29.