1st Look at ‘Iron Fist No. 1’

The Immortal Iron Fist will also join the Defenders in their own Netflix show.


With Iron Fist about to hit the small screen, Marvel is also releasing a new comic-book storyline for Danny Rand.

Marvel revealed the first look of its new series in a press release Monday, showcasing Rand in action in four text-less pages.








“For this first arc, I really wanted to focus in on Danny’s own sense of identity,” writer Ed Brisson said in an interview with Marvel.com. “What happens when the one thing he was sure of about himself is being stripped away? How far will he go and what potentially dangerous situations will he put himself into just for a sliver of hope that it’ll allow him to hang onto the one thing that defines him?”

Here’s Marvel’s synopsis of the new series.

Danny has always straddled two worlds—Earth and the mystical realm of K’un-Lun. Now, with K’un-Lun in ruins, he’ll question his place in both more than ever. The chi fueling his fists is wavering, yet still he fights on. Fighting to prove his worth, he’ll push himself to his breaking point.

But a bigger battle than he can handle may have found him first. Whisked away to the mysterious island of Liu-Shi, he’ll come face-to-face with the fight of his life.

With nothing but his fists and his feet, the Immortal Iron Fist will step into the ring with the island’s deadly Seven Masters. Each possessing mystical power and each with their own vendetta against the Iron Fist, what hope does Danny stand against the Bull, the Bear, the Eel, the Rabbi, the Rat, the Snake and the Wolf?

Iron Fist’s new adventures are written by Brisson and the art is done by Mike Perkins. Issue No. 1 is set to go on sale on March 22 while the titular Netflix show will release on March 17.