Live-Action Pikachu Movie Confirmed


As if Pokemon Go wasn’t already taking the world by storm, the most adorable electric mouse is hitting the big screen. Yes, that’s right, Pikachu is getting his own movie, and, even better (or worse?), it’s going to be live-action.

According to a report by’s Dave McNary, Legendary Entertainment has won the rights to a Pokemon movie, partnering with the Pokemon Company to produce the launch the world-popular series’ first-ever live-action flick.

Additionally, McNary reported that the film will be a Detective Pikachu movie. Universal Pictures will distribute the movie outside of Japan while Toho will manage distribution in Pokemon’s country of origin as it had done with the reboot of Godzilla.

Per McNary, Chinese entertainment company Wanda Group acquired Legendary in January for $3.5 billion. This the company’s third major film it has acquired in less than a month following the purchase of Bad Blood and an untitled project by producer and director Nate Parker.

In February 2016, video-game developer Creatures and Nintendo published a Japanese Nintendo 3DS game called Great Detective Pikachu. The plot of the game revolves around a talking Pikachu who considers himself a great detective, who eventually meets with a boy named Tim Goodman that can understand him. reported that the movie will be fast-tracked for production in 2017.