Darth Vader Will Be in ‘Rogue One’


Rejoice, citizens of the Galactic Empire! Darth Vader will be in the new stand-alone Star Wars film, Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryPer Anthony Breznican of Entertainment Weekly, the magazine’s latest issue will dive into the details of Gareth Edwards’s latest project.

In addition to deep, dark details on the Sith Lord, Entertainment Weekly’s June 24 issue will also focus on the following:

  • New Imperial weaponry, including AT-ACTs and TIE Strikers
  • Details on Jyn Erso, the movie’s female protagonist played by Felicity Jones
  • Information on the full squad set to take on the Empire

So, we already know Edwards’s film focuses on a group of Rebels that steals the Death Star plans, leading to the events of the original trilogy. What’s even more unique about this film is that it will focus on a group of everyday citizens of the galaxy, unlike the series’ other seven movies.

CinemaBlend.com’s Brent McKnight elaborated on this in a piece he wrote about two months ago:

While this links the story to the main narrative thrust of the Star Wars saga, it also looks like it might do something no movie in the franchise has ever done: focus on normal people in the universe. The Jedi mythos has figured prominently into every extant Star Wars film, and while we’ve seen and encountered no-powered people, with the exception of Han Solo, they’ve never really taken center stage.

Despite whatever turns away from original Star Wars storytelling Rogue One might take, one thing’s for sure: The sounds of Imperial walkers never get old.