Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Comic Books

TRAILER: Thor Loses Mjolnir in 1st ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Trailer

Without Mjolnir, Thor will do battle with one of the universe's strongest beings.

1st Look at ‘Secret Empire No. 1’

Captain America has betrayed his teammates and has used their trust to elevate to a position where he can execute Hydra's plans and ideals.

1st Look at ‘All-New Guardians of the Galaxy No. 1’

The month of May will be one that starts with new "Guardians of the Galaxy" releases.

TEASER: Newest ‘The Defenders’ Teaser Hints at Release Date in August

Check that time stamp in the top-right corner of the security footage.

1st Look at ‘Black Bolt No. 1’

In his first standalone adventure, the Black Bolt finds himself imprisoned in a facility specifically designed for containing the galaxy's most dangerous criminals.

1st Look at ‘Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider No. 1’

Ben Reilly returns not as Peter Parker's clone but as his own man.

1st Look at ‘Nick Fury No. 1’

Nick Fury will travel to depths of the earth and the surface of the moon in an all-new series.

Mary Jane Watson Graces the Cover of Marvel Titles

See what it would be like if Mary Jane Watson filled in for some of Marvel's most popular heroes (and villains).

1st Look at ‘Black Panther & the Crew No. 1’

New York City has a new group of heroes ready to defend it.

1st Look at ‘X-Men Blue No. 1’

"X-Men Blue No. 1" sees the return of five of the X-Men's original heroes.